Introducing HomeAttorney

Introducing HomeAttorney:

HomeAttorney believes that everyone should have easy access to quality real estate attorneys. Plain and simple. HomeAttorney connects you to a real estate attorney that is eager to talk with you about your specific real estate issues, and will advise you on the best course of action. So, in short, HomeAttorney is intended to be your reliable, first call attorney to get advice and representation about whatever real estate issues, questions, or opportunities you are facing.

Our goal is to be accessible to everyone and give sound guidance on this complex and technical area of the law. Need to transfer a home into another name? Buying or selling a home and need legal guidance? (As an aside, if you are buying or selling “For Sale By Owner”, please see my special FSBO section on my attorney program). Does your title commitment indicate easements or other encroachments for which you should be concerned about? Are you finding issues in your home that were not disclosed by the prior owner? Do you need a lease? Is your property valuation accurate so that you are paying appropriate real estate taxes? Each of these tasks involves complex legal challenges that should be handled by an experienced attorney like myself so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

A word to residential real estate agents: If you need assistance outside of your network, or you have a client that needs attorney assistance, we are here and happy to assist.

We intend to keep this blog active with current issues so please visit it frequently. Also, we hold regular discussions about the home transfer process at locations across Ohio, so please check the schedule of upcoming discussions, and make sure to register to attend online.

Best regards,

Marc Feldman, Esq., Founder of HomeAttorney