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Buyer/Broker Representation Agreements

The NAR Settlement requires home buyers to enter into their own agreements with agents. If you are a buyer looking to enter into an agreement with an agent to represent you, you will want to agree to two points: 1) what’s the commission you will be responsible for; and 2) how long is the agreement…

Home Buyers: Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Much has been made about the impact of the NAR settlement on Buyer’s agents. Clearly, Buyer’s agents now have to bring additional value to earn commissions/compensation, and that compensation will need to be negotiated with either the Buyer, the Seller, or both, depending on who will be paying the Buyer’s agent. Most Buyers are unfamiliar…


Home Buyers after NAR Decision- Let HomeAttorney walk you through the home buying process from a legal perspective

Buyers today are unclear how the new NAR decision will affect them. In short, Buyers may now need to pay a broker to represent them, whereas before the Seller’s commission would cover the Buyer’s broker. Paying a broker as a buyer will require some negotiating terms, but also may lead to the conclusion to not…


Buying or Selling FSBO? Five Points to Agree to Before Taking Next Steps:

Are you buying or selling a home without an agent? Here’s four things to agree to with the other party before preparing any documents: There are other considerations, but these five points should be answered before taking next steps. Feel free to contact a HomeAttorney if you have any other questions or need help documenting…


The Corporate Transparency Act of 2024- What Landlords Need to Know

Many landlords hold their investment/rental property in limited liability companies or other legal entities. The typical reason for doing so is to provide the landlord with certain legal protections, such as “limited liability”, i.e., the landlord cannot generally be held personally liable for the entity’s debts or liabilities (of course, there are numerous exceptions to…


Major news in the residential real estate market

The real estate industry has experienced a monumental shift due to a recent settlement involving the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and allegations of anticompetitive practices that inflated commission rates. This settlement is poised to reshape how commissions are handled in real estate transactions, potentially lowering costs for buyers and sellers and introducing a new…


Introducing HomeAttorney

Introducing HomeAttorney: HomeAttorney believes that everyone should have easy access to quality real estate attorneys. Plain and simple. HomeAttorney connects you to a real estate attorney that is eager to talk with you about your specific real estate issues, and will advise you on the best course of action. So, in short, HomeAttorney is intended…

Buying or Selling a Home

 Whether you are using a real estate broker or not, an attorney at your side through the transaction can only help ensure you are protected. 

Estate Planning

Do you have a home that you want to place into a trust? Has a family member left you property that must be addressed? Let a real estate attorney set up the most advantageous legal structure.

Property Tax Appeals

Is your property tax valuation too high? We dispute property valuations to lower your taxes, and you only pay legal fees if we get your property tax reduced!

Property Disclosure Issues

Dealing with an unforeseen issue before or after closing? Let our experienced attorneys fight for you.

Title or Transfer Questions

Complex property issues abound for home ownership and transfers. Our attorneys recognize and solve these issues so your property is protected.


Our attorneys are experts in forming real estate entities and working with financial institutions on behalf of investors in the markets that we serve.

Zoning, Code Enforcement and Variances

Property ownership is governed by codes and laws that you may need to seek guidance on. Our attorneys are experts in this regard.

Leases and Landlord-Tenant Issues

We handle leases and evictions for the largest residential property owners. Need a lease reviewed? We can help you as well.

Insurance Claims

Our attorneys are experts in forming real estate entities and working with financial institutions on behalf of investors in the markets that we serve.



As first timers selling our home by owner, we decided to use a HomeAttorney to guide us through the complex paperwork and closing process. From the get go, our HomeAttorney was very communicative and professional and was able to help us understand the considerations for the offers we received. Having a HomeAttorney in our corner gave us the peace of mind that we were doing everything we could to limit the risk of potential issues. We will be quick to recommend HomeAttorney to our family and friends!

- Aimee and Chase Guarnaccio